Race Changes & Deferrals
Switch to a new distance or postpone until next year

Distance Change
Need to change your race distance? Click here to go to your Chronotrack registration and select “Change Race” to choose a new distance. Please keep in mind that you will be prompted to pay for the difference in fees for upgrades.

For changes from an individual to a relay team: Follow instructions above for “Change Race.” Once you have completed the change, please email FLevents@lifetimefitness.com with your desired team name on order to create your team. You will then be emailed with further instructions on how to add your relay members.

ALL CHANGES MUST BE COMPLETED/REQUESTED TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. All change requests after the cut-off will be considered based on availability. There will be a charge for all upgrades and downgrades after this point.

Race deferrals allow a participant unable to attend this year’s event to transfer their registration to the following year. The deferral is applied only to the event in question. If you would like to defer your entry to next year, please login to your Chronotrack account, select “Change Race” and follow the instructions to “Defer my entry.” Deferrals must be submitted by Monday, September 24.