One of the best components involved in hosting an event is the ability to serve as a platform for charities, corporate groups, and other awesome organizations to rally around and even raise funds toward a good cause. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with these organizations and, even better, to support and learn more about each group and their members!

On September 30, we will have Special Compass join us with over 30 differently-abled athletes. Created by Jim Sayih stemming from his love for his son (Michael Sayih) and an active lifestyle, Special Compass aids in pairing those with mobility restrictions with individuals who assist them in getting through the race course (as well as providing other types of aid among many other facets of life).

Jim, Michael and the rest of the Special Compass team attend anywhere from 20-40 events each year. Some of their achievements include:

1) Spartan Trifecta – three Spartan Races in one year including a 3-miler, 8-miler, and 13-miler.  Each contains an average of 20-30 obstacles.

2) Ironman Florida

3) All 3 Best Buddies 100 mile Cycle Challenges throughout the USA, including California, Massachusetts, Washington DC.

Michael enjoys choosing the location of each of the races they compete in and “[h]e loves it when we come across [the finish line] and he hears people cheering him on,” said Jim. “This is why we do it, we want other kids to feel that too” (The Hartwell Sun, 28 June 2018). “It’s amazing to inspire other people,” said Michael when asked about his experience crossing the finish line.

We are fortunate to have been selected by Michael, Jim and the Special Compass team to be included in their race line-up for 2018. Those who are interested in becoming involved at the Escape to Miami Triathlon on September 30 may check out the Special Compass event page to learn more and register to be a part of the team –

Have your own group that you’d like to make an official team? Visit our website for more information or reach out to our Groups & Charities Manager via email – FLGroupsCharities@LT.LIFE.

Our Life Time Tri event team is looking forward to welcoming Special Compass and all of our awesome athletes who will be joining us this fall!

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