NEW 2020 Escape FROM Miami Challenge!

Yearning to Escape? To break free from the confines of your home, neighborhood, city or maybe even your country? Us too… Introducing the Escape FROM Miami Challenge! Typically, this triathlon ferries athletes to an island off the coast of Miami where they must swim back to the mainland to complete their ride and run disciplines.

But since we’re currently living in the upside-down world, someone please point us to the nearest exit! Find your “Escape” by any means necessary August 15 – October 4 with this virtual multisport challenge – swim, row, paddleboard, bike, run, walk or any combination of these modes of transit and log your distance to see how far you can get out.

*You may log activity you have already completed since August 15.

Who Can Participate?

The virtual nature of this event means anyone can compete from wherever they are! You can “tri” as hard or as easy as you want – invite your family and friends to join you and ESCAPE together!

2020 cbdMD Escape to Miami Triathlon registrants who choose to donate their entry will receive a complimentary entry code for this challenge. Those who choose a refund and those who were not registered for the 2020 live event may register for a fee.

Registration Period: August 10 – October 4

Registration Fee: Solo – $45 / Relay – $115

Results Submission Period: August 15 – October 4 (11:59 PM ET)

What’s Included?

  • Finisher Medal* (pictured right)
  • Finisher Mask* (pictured right)
  • Custom downloadable race bib
  • Custom downloadable finisher certificate
  • Custom GIF stickers to enhance your social media posts

*Only participants who submit their results before the deadline on October 4 will receive their mask and medal shipment (mailings only available within the continental U.S.)

Solo Challenge


This unique event will challenge swimmers, runners/walkers, riders, and rowers/paddle board gurus everywhere! Over the next seven weeks push yourself to get as far away from your home as you can using any combination of the four disciplines. How many kilometers can you accumulate for your Escape? Enough to reach another city? Another country? The moon?

You’ll be awarded a digital badge (to show off to friends and family of course!) each time you hit one of the milestones below.

Relay Challenge


Enlist friends, family, your neighbor, anyone and work together to Escape. The team (2 – 4 members) will have seven weeks to log as many kilometers as possible to Escape. Teammates do NOT have to be located in the same city/country. Find your favorite routes and start running, cycling, swimming or paddling wherever you are to accumulate kilometers! After each activity, simply enter the distance covered. How far can you make it together?

You and your team will be awarded a digital badge (to show off to friends and family of course!) each time you hit one of the milestones below.

Earn Milestone Badges Along The Way

You’ll be awarded a digital badge by discipline (to show off to friends and family of course!) each time you hit a distance milestone:

How far can we make it together? To the place exactly opposite Miami on the Earth’s surface? It’s only 19,000KM away to Denham, Australia!


Escape For Free! For every three friends you refer, get $9 back!

  1. Sign up.
  2. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a unique referral link to share with your friends, family or post on social media.
  3. Each time someone signs up through your link, you’ll accrue one referral. Earn 3 referrals and get $9 credited back to you. Total refunds cannot surpass the solo entry fee. Easy right?!?!

* Referral must sign up with your unique referral link.  Relay referral restrictions apply.


Post your activity every time you “escape”, making sure to attribute it to the discipline used at that time. You can log kilometers daily, and the platform will track your progress per discipline. Activity can be tracked with any app, watch, fitness device or program (ie Strava, Garmin). Participants may choose to track activity for any combination of the 4 disciplines and are not required to log activity for all 4.

Be sure to post photos each time you escape. Tag #EscapeMiami in your social media and we’ll re-share all the fun ways you are progressing in the challenge!

NEW Strava Club

Miami has gone VIRTUAL! As we move forward amid the new circumstances of what it means to be “normal” during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created a hub where athletes from all over the world can connect and share their training miles while we all continue to uphold social distancing guidelines still in effect.

Join our NEW Escape FROM Miami Challenge Strava Club and connect with your fellow triathlete family to stay motivated as you make your great ESCAPE!

Stay tuned to our social media pages for more information and fun virtual programming!

Use #EscapeMiami on your posts!